D-C Show

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A magical futuristic trivia game … A thrilling quest …

  • A resolutely multiplayer game
  • A quiz game based on trivia with a strategic dimension
  • 3 game modes for every type of player : Training / Competition / Challenge
  • 5 distinct levels
  • Trivia about everything in children’s culture from 6 to 10 years old
  • The candidates are character Duos 4Play and win to earn points
  • The more points you have, the more you powers you have to play strategically

The D-C Show is above all a game on internet and on TV

The D-C Show is above all a game. A massively multiplayer game (an MMO) on internet truly the heart of the system, the media which is ever-present and in which children are wholeheartedly involved.

The players confront each other or collaborate, progress and contribute.

It is also the creation of the D-C Gamers’ community which presents a breathtaking championship, highly motivated duos, questions to suit all tastes and magic powers (the pawas).

In a way, the TV Series is a broadcast of the best online DC-Show matchs, a fantasized and amplified version of the MMO. On internet, kids play their own part. On TV, kids identify to their favorite game heroes and live their adventure. And this makes them want to go back on the web to become heroes themselves!