Brain Quest

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Juin 2006

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  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest
  • Brain Quest

BRAIN QUEST, the famous range made by Workman  finally arrives on interactive DVD!
BRAIN QUEST have: Been in existence for 15 years, A range of  11 titles, 25 million sales in the USA  - six million in France under the brand Les Incollables.
BRAIN QUEST is the most played product in the extra curricular market.
BRAIN QUEST in Interactive DVD is an educational aid for learning and entertainment : 500 quizzes and games to become unbeatable!
Find BRAIN QUEST for the first time ever on your DVD Player!


Children play and test their knowledge through games,  questions and answers based on different themes : vocabulary, memory, nature, science, and hobbies…

Multiple choice questions

  • True/False
  • Picture knowledge  
  • Puzzles
  • Anagrams, word games
  • Action games: pilot a rocket, find the intruders…
  • Treasure Maps
  • Questions where the children can test their parents with the “did you know”
  • And lots of other things!


Your child will find himself in a visual world, such as he would be used to seeing on television:  Video games and cartoons looking like “Disney“ and “Titeuf“….There are always new surprises and things to discover.


Each time your child returns to play, there is always something new (new questions and games…) for many hours of play, alone or with others.


  • There are two titles available for 6 to 10 year olds.
  • The questions and the games are adapted to the knowledge and hobbies of each age range.
  • The contents have been made in close collaboration with WORKMAN


The Interactive DVD “The BRAIN QUEST Quiz” : A new way to play and learn!

Simply with a DVD Player and a remote control
(Compatible with the X Box and the  PS2, as well as a PC with a DVD Reader).