Miss Teri Tale - Where is Jason?

Sortie mondiale
Février 2008

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Time to discover Peeking Town, its peace and quiet, its charming environment, its easy-going life and its local folk; so likeable, so sweet… yet laden with shameful secrets!!

Welcome to Peeking Town, a calm and ordinary residential suburb where you just moved in. Suddenly one night, Jason, your neighbor the Kingsleys’ prize dog is kidnapped. You are Miss Teri Tale, a bestseller novelist in quest for inspiration and you decide to investigate this mysterious disappearance. Who, amongst your seemingly quiet neighbors, could have ‘dognapped’ Jason?
Led by the anonymous video sender, visit their houses, discover their secrets, collect clues and resolve this investigation that is mined with unexpected twist and turns.


"Where’s Jason?" is the opening episode of the "Miss Teri Tale" series

A comic scenario rivaling the best T.V. series of the day, offering breathtaking realistic and animated settings makes « Miss Teri Tale, Where’s Jason?» a particularly original and delightfully funny game. A series to definitely keep an eye on…

  • Photo-realistic graphics and numerous animations leading to a strong sense of identification
  • The 1st episode in a series of 5
  • A completely crazy and funny investigation
  • A scenario and a unique television series quality
  • A neighborhood, the neighbors and their secrets for you to discover
  • 16 rich and varied levels to investigate
  • 46 realistic and animated sets to explore
  • Ten comic and scripted mini-games to resolve

System requirements

PC or Mac

OS: Windows XP / Vista / MacOS X
CPU: 600MHz
Memory: 256MB
Hard Drive: about 82MB

Avaible for online&offline distribution