Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!

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Octobre 2008

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  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!
  • Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!

The player plays Miss Teri Tale.

Objective: search through the neighbors’ houses looking for objects and clues in order to know the voting intentions of the inhabitants of Peeking Town.

After being enrolled against her wishes, Miss Teri Tale plays the game and does everything to get elected. During the search, the player must combine the sense of observation, strategy and deduction in order to get results.

In the 1st episode, ”Where’s Jason?”, Miss Teri Tale, a famous detective story writer (from New York ) moves to a quiet small American town, Peeking Town. Suddenly, her neighbors’ dog is brutally dognapped.
A mysterious blackmailer compels our heroine to rummage through the houses in the neighborhood tracking Jason…

In the 2nd episode the municipal elections are looming and blowing a new wave of madness into Peeking Town. The blackmailer takes advantage and re-appears to enroll, behind her back, Miss Teri Tale as a candidate for mayor. Our heroine then decides to find out who is voting for whom and to see if she had any real chances of being elected. This time our heroine is into politics… and penetrates the secrets of Peeking Town.

  • An intuitive and user friendly “Hidden Objects” enriched by numerous whacky mini-games.
  • A sequel of Miss Teri Tale – “Where’s Jason”
  • A familiar universe (Peeking Town and its inhabitants) overflowing with novelty and originality.
  • An incredible new story mixing hidden secrets, indiscretion and humor.



  • The player can choose Miss Teri Tales outfit and find parts of her outfit during the adventure (glasses, shoes, bag, watch…)
  • 14 new original sceneries and 14 transformed familiar sceneries
  • An even greater immersion thanks to more numerous animations
  • Hidden objects in more than 70% scripted
  • 21 mini-games in wacky and often original game plays
  • Novelties in game plays of hidden objects (remove objects and put them in their right places, a list of common objects for two scenes)


  • 30+ feminine casual players


  • Wacky humor filled script
  • Staggering photo-realist graphics
  • Music with a quirky and original soundtrack
  • 55 constantly changing animated pictures to explore
  • 29 rich and varied levels of detective work
  • Original mini-games that combine strategy, deduction and sense of observation

System requirements

PC/MAC downloadable + web based version available

OS: Windows XP / Vista / MacOS X
Memory: 256 MB
Hard Drive: about 128 MB

Avaible for online & offline distribution