Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres

Sortie mondiale
Octobre 2008

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  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres
  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres
  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres
  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres
  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres
  • Martin Mystère - L'attaque des monstres

Martin, Diana and Java pursue ceaselessly the most revolting monsters dripping with Slime. These very special agents are commissioned by M.O.M, the director of CENTRE, to lead these paranormal investigations throughout the world.

  • Main target : BOYS aged 08-10
  • Wider target : MIXED aged 06-12


  • 420,000 (04-10 years) television viewers
  • 32% market share (M6 Kid)

Key values

  • the sensation of fear
  • a liking for the bizarre

Key features of the game

  • An Exploration/Action game with an exceptional life span (8 hours)
  • 15 missions with 6 different types of environment (Torrington, Cavern, Temple, Old Manor House, New Building, Extra-terrestrial)
  • 8 types of enemy and 15 bosses (Zombies, Wizard, Spectre, Mutant…)
  • 10 types de mini-game (Battle against monsters, Lock-picking, Assembling…)
  • Stylus driven : Navigation via the touch screen.
  • Character Recognition

Game details


This morning, a computer bug has resulted in the opening of numerous dimensional gates in the buildings monitored by the Centre. Unidentified creatures have slipped inside and the alarm has been raised. Now it is up to the agents in the field to deal with them : Martin and his team are going to handle it !

The characters

Each character has a special abilities

  • Martin > Gadgets
  • Diana > Agility
  • Java > Force

Teamwork is necessary to progress !


  • Objectives: discover as many objects and rooms as possible before the Boss arrives.
  • Several types of room: Enigma, Search, Monster, Event…
  • Making use of the abilities of the characters: The special abilities are necessary to advance in the level
  • Mini-games: Searching for objects, resolving enigmas, picking locks, fighting enemies...

After a set number of minutes, the boss appears in the level and the confrontation phase begins.


  • The enemy appears in the level
  • To fight against it, the player must have all the objects required
  • As long as the player search for the last objects, the enemy will inpede the progression of the player

Boss Fight

The player has to open a dimensional portal to send the creature in another dimension. To do so, Martin and Diana have to enter the coordinates while Java protects them from the creature’s attacks.


Genre : Adventure game
Platform : Nintendo DS
Target : Mixed aged 8 to 12
Licence : Martin Mystery
PEGI : 7+
Cartridge : 128 Megabits - 64K EEPROM