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Décembre 2009

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Stories to play and tell!

The series

Story Tale is an animation and strip cartoon stores created by Lewis Trondheim and José Parrondo. It tells the story of a dad, who tells stories! Every night he tells a story, and each story starts off pretty bonkers, but as it goes along it gets weirder and weirder as his children—a son and a daughter, troublemakers both—interrupt him and ask for changes.
The game Story Tale is the adaptation of these strong points.

The game

Story Tale is a game for people who like telling or listening to stories.

Target audience

  • 6-10 year olds…
  • and big kids too!

Key Features

  • 18 episodes from the series to unlock
  • More than 100 crazy and fun interactions
  • Children can record themselves and listen to their tales!
  • Teaches children how a story works.

The aims of the game


  • How to build, tell and provide pictures for a story
  • The importance of the main ingredients (characters, objects)
  • How a story is structured: beginnings and ends as well as key actions and reversals
  • What the storyteller’s voice brings

The game phases

  • The selection of a story
  • The discovery of and search for ingredients
  • Unblocking game sequences via the mini-games
  • Viewing of episodes

The content

  • 18 levels that correspond to 18 stories drawn from 18 episodes of the series. .
  • 126 mini-games, 7 mini-games per level
  • Increasing difficulty levels  for steady learning