Les Incollables - The Quiz

Les Incollables (BRAIN QUEST), the famous range made by Play Bac finally arrives on interactive DVD!
The Incollables (BRAIN QUEST) have: Been in existence for 15 years, A range of  11 titles, six million sales in France - 25 million in the USA under the brand BRAIN QUEST.
The Incollables (BRAIN QUEST) are the most played product in the extra curricular market.
LES INCOLLABLES (BRAIN QUEST ) in Interactive DVD is an educational aid for learning and entertainment : 500 quizzes and games to become unbeatable!

English Fever

Animated TV series : All in English to understand street English

Which questions does a teenager ask to himself when he arrives in the United States on holidays: how can I find my way in the city? How can I defend my point of view? How to convince someone? But also: how to chat up someone or how to make a declaration of love?

Aired on “Ma planète” French cable and satellite broadcaster.

Other territories available.

Franklin - My favourite Games

Having sold nearly 6 million albums of Franklin and 2.5 million videos, Franklin is the favourite hero of children. For the first time the cartoon has become interactive, to create even more fun!
Franklin invites himself into children’s homes and becomes a real playmate.  He appears on the family television to play and entertain the children when ever they wish, thanks to the DVD Player and the remote control.
A complete DVD based on playing alone or with others but always with Franklin Interactive games, manual activities, questions and jokes, inside and outside activities!

Adibou d'Chou - Tous en piste !

Interactive DVD

Distributed by Universal Video France for the French speaking territories.

Other territories available.