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Totally Spies! 4 - Around the World

Totally Spies! 4 on DS takes the player to the 4 corners of the world in the company of the spies for a perilous investigation. This game is mainly an intense adventure which makes use of all the specificities of the platform, but is also a tool to enable young girls to increase their general knowledge in an entertaining way.

Martin Mistery - Monster Invasion

Martin, Diana and Java pursue ceaselessly the most revolting monsters dripping with Slime. These very special agents are commissioned by M.O.M, the director of CENTRE, to lead these paranormal investigations throughout the world.

Eden's Quest

A treasure hunt, full of adventure and challenges

Eden Hunt, a famous archaeologist, had received a call from a mysterious man, the promoter of a treasure hunt, with a very large sum of money at stake! A godsend for Eden who wants to go digging. While all this is strange, she accepts...

The initial goal of the player is to answer the puzzles to find the fabulous treasure of Akua. But sabotage and troubling disappearances will complicate everything, making the protagonists of this hunt more and more suspicious...