Totally Spies! - My Secret Diary

The Totally Spies! Diary is the perfect tool to bring fun and to learn to organise yourself daily. More than a simple multimedia tool, this diary advises the player every day. It’s perfect for Spies in training!

Totally Spies! 3 - Secret Agents

The game is structured around 5 new missions and a subplot based on the Spies’ daily life.

Each mission entails 3 parts:

Totally Spies! - Totally Party

This game consists mainly of mini-games played on 10 game boards and a showroom based on the daily life of the Spies.

In a board, 1 to 3 Players are challenging a boss. Players win mini-games for popularity points to unlock clothes and for setting traps to the boss.

Each time players win a board, they are able to:

Totally Spies! 4 - Around the World

Totally Spies! 4 on DS takes the player to the 4 corners of the world in the company of the spies for a perilous investigation. This game is mainly an intense adventure which makes use of all the specificities of the platform, but is also a tool to enable young girls to increase their general knowledge in an entertaining way.

Martin Mistery - Monster Invasion

Martin, Diana and Java pursue ceaselessly the most revolting monsters dripping with Slime. These very special agents are commissioned by M.O.M, the director of CENTRE, to lead these paranormal investigations throughout the world.