Azur & Asmar

An exceptional experience!

Immerse yourself in the magic atmosphere of Azur and Asmar thanks to this platform/adventure game based on the upcoming film of Michel Ocelot. Azur, a blond boy with blue eyes, son of the lord of the manor, and Asmar, a dark haired boy with black eyes, son of Azur’s nanny, meet again after having been brutally separated during their childhood. Both of them are determined to find the Djinns fairy they heard so much about when they were younger. In order to find her, they will have to foil dangerous traps, fight mean brigands and solve many enigmas.

Kirikou and the wild beasts

Play the adventure as if you were there!

Adapted from Michel Ocelot’s motion picture, Kirikou and the wild beasts is a platform/adventure game aimed at young children fascinated by this unique universe. Many challenges await Kirikou in his village. Following the four main themes developed in the movies’ four chapters, the player, as Kirikou, explores the village and its surroundings to successfully pass all the tests he is submitted to during the game.From the vegetable garden to Karaba’s hut, the inventive Kirikou will become gardener, detective, potter,

Totally Spies! - Totally Party

This game consists mainly of mini-games played on 10 game boards and a showroom based on the daily life of the Spies.

In a board, 1 to 3 Players are challenging a boss. Players win mini-games for popularity points to unlock clothes and for setting traps to the boss.

Each time players win a board, they are able to:

Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!

The player plays Miss Teri Tale.

Objective: search through the neighbors’ houses looking for objects and clues in order to know the voting intentions of the inhabitants of Peeking Town.

After being enrolled against her wishes, Miss Teri Tale plays the game and does everything to get elected. During the search, the player must combine the sense of observation, strategy and deduction in order to get results.

Danger next door - A Miss Teri Tale adventure

The last we heard she’d solved Jason’s dognapping case and become Mayor of Peeking Town. Now Miss Teri Tale sets out on a new exciting adventure. There has been a murder in Peeking Town and, with the help of Sheriff Allen, Miss Teri Tale has try to find out who has killed her friend and neighbour Monty, and why. Her investigation will into the thick of her district.

Will she find the Peeking Town assassin?

pure hidden

PURE HIDDEN is the crème de la crème of Hidden Objects games !

Ph (as we call it) is a game targeting female casual gamers, incorporating “hidden objects” mechanisms, puzzles, logic and manipulation games, and a series of interactive surprises!

Eden's Quest

A treasure hunt, full of adventure and challenges

Eden Hunt, a famous archaeologist, had received a call from a mysterious man, the promoter of a treasure hunt, with a very large sum of money at stake! A godsend for Eden who wants to go digging. While all this is strange, she accepts...

The initial goal of the player is to answer the puzzles to find the fabulous treasure of Akua. But sabotage and troubling disappearances will complicate everything, making the protagonists of this hunt more and more suspicious...