Totally Spies! Fashion Agents

Global release
September 2010
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents
  • Totally Spies! Fashion Agents

Saving the world is a girl thing!


Totally Spies! Fashion Agents is a Facebook RPG where users accomplish missions in order to become the most fashionable spy in the world! Players win cash to buy outfits and furniture to customize their avatar and flat! Social strength: Players are encouraged to build teams, and share their flat in order to level up faster! So let’s find two friends and... Save the world and go round the sales together!

Released in September 2010, Totally Spies! Fashion Agents has more than 660.000 monthly active users (MAU) today with an objective of 1 million MAU and 200.000+ daily active users (DAU) by the beginning of 2011!

The game

Totally Spies! Fashion Agents  allows players to step into the shoes of a Spy of the WOOHP (World Organization of Human Protection) and, just like in the hit series, juggle their time between spying and being a popular student at school. Players rediscover in the game all the elements that made the show so successful: WOOHP, gadgets, diabolical enemies, shopping, and, of course… the unbearable Mandy! As in the show, being in a team brings more fun but also more chances to succeed.

The license

Totally Spies! is an animated series created by Marathon Media that’s been running 5 seasons, 26x26’ format. TS is the favorite show of girls in France (source IFOP) with the highest percentage of notoriety in the group (77%). It is currently broadcast in 120 countries, including the United States.

Winner of the Export Prize for animation in 2005
Bronze Medal / New York Film Festival, 44th edition - category Children's Programs
Winner of the Kidscreen's Gemmies Award in 2002 - category girls.


Totally Spies! reinvents the social RPG genre for the Facebook platform:

  • Advanced avatar creation tools.
  • More than 100 outfits, disguises, uniforms, and accessories... and just as many furniture elements to customize the shared flat!
  • Rich game interfaces with numerous backgrounds based on the series’ graphic design.
  • Customize your 3D Isometric room and shared flat!
  • Take a picture on your room and share it in your wall.
  • Your friends can visit your room and protect it from Mandy.
  • 3D isometric missions & trainings
  • Advanced collaborative game design (Team missions, Shared flat,...).


  • Sorority
  • Farmville
  • Treasure Isle

Target audience

Girls & boys, from 13 to 25 years old.

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