Global release
April 2012
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The first corporate discovery game for teenagers and anyone wanting to experience the adventure of tomorrow’s business world.


Kompany is a Serious Game, available on social networks such as Facebook, that enables students in 8th and 9th grade to discover Corporate life through gameplay! The game helps teenagers learn the essential vocabulary used in the workplace and the principal mechanisms that underlie corporate activity. This project is initiated and coproduced with the French Ministry of Education.

The Story

Players start off as interns and work their way up the corporate ladder by completing missions and mini-games that test them on the knowledge they’ve acquired during encounters and observations made during the game. Ultimately, the goal of the game is to help players get real jobs when they make the transition to the professional workplace!

Features/ Content

  • Rich and original graphic design.
  • Real adventure through the completion of multiple missions.
  • Various mini-games that test a player’s acquired knowledge.
  • Vocabulary of the corporate workplace: jobs, functions, flow, networking, etc

The point of the game

During the game, players acquire knowledge about companies enabling them to better understand the inner workings of corporations, thereby facilitating their eventual transition into the workplace...


No real competitors. For gameplay: MMOs such as Mafia Wars and Sorority, with mini-games that test a player’s acquired knowledge including complex missions (requiring puzzle solving instead of single click missions).