Hidden Objects

Plue Belle la Vie

Rejoignez l'équipe de tournage et plongez au coeur de la série ! Un jeu d'objets cachés et de quiz qui ravira les fans du feuilleton préféré des Français.

Murder in Provence

Dive into the beautiful Provence to solve puzzles and hidden object scenes. Help Audrey to find her disappeared twin-sister who is a production assistant on the filming of an American Movie set in Provence.

A unique cocktail of adventure, puzzle and hidden object game like you've never tested before!

Voyage to Fantasy

A hidden object game like you’ve never played before: hundreds of varied and challenging levels!

The tales and legends seem trapped in Black Holes. It's urgent! Fantasy is gradually fading out of our collective memory.

Take up the challenge and embark on a Voyage to Fantasy, the most beautiful hidden object game on Facebook!

Pure Hidden iPhone

Finding objects has never been this fun!


Adapted from the well known game by the same name for PC/MAC, Pure Hidden iPhone/iPod is a hidden object game in a class of its own: beautifully rendered artistic picture sets serve as the backdrop for hidden object, spot-the-difference, and odd-one-out games, creating one of the most addictive, endlessly re-playable titles in the genre!

The license

Adapted from the successful PC/MAC game launched on more than 400 web portals worldwide in July 2009!

Miss Teri Tale 2 - Vote 4 Me!

The player plays Miss Teri Tale.

Objective: search through the neighbors’ houses looking for objects and clues in order to know the voting intentions of the inhabitants of Peeking Town.

After being enrolled against her wishes, Miss Teri Tale plays the game and does everything to get elected. During the search, the player must combine the sense of observation, strategy and deduction in order to get results.

Danger next door - A Miss Teri Tale adventure

The last we heard she’d solved Jason’s dognapping case and become Mayor of Peeking Town. Now Miss Teri Tale sets out on a new exciting adventure. There has been a murder in Peeking Town and, with the help of Sheriff Allen, Miss Teri Tale has try to find out who has killed her friend and neighbour Monty, and why. Her investigation will into the thick of her district.

Will she find the Peeking Town assassin?

pure hidden

PURE HIDDEN is the crème de la crème of Hidden Objects games !

Ph (as we call it) is a game targeting female casual gamers, incorporating “hidden objects” mechanisms, puzzles, logic and manipulation games, and a series of interactive surprises!