OUAT Entertainment

Who are we?

Since 1999, OUAT Entertainment has been producing casual games (more than 40 games on different platforms: Interactive DVD, DS, PS2, Wii, iPhone, iPad… ) for many renown publishers (Kobojo, Bigfishgames, Oberon, Realarcade, Ubisoft, Atari, Universal, Hasbro …). Since 2008, we are producing our own social and casual games on Facebook (Totally Spies! Fashion Agents, Kompany!, iloveyourgame, Atlantis Fantasy). One of our specialty is producing games based on audiovisual licences (Totally Spies, Kirikou, Les Incollables, …), but we also create our own properties, such as: Miss Teri Tales series (3 titles); pure hiddenEden’s quest or Kompany!

With more than 950 million users in May 2012, more than half of Facebook subscribers are players! Since 2009, OUAT Entertainment concentrates on Facebook casual game development, and creates games that stand out with unique concepts.

In April 2012, OUAT Entertainment was recognized Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer, a recognition of our excellence in the creation of social games and in the mastering of the tools and the specificities of games which use the viral and social dimension of Facebook.


Our approach?

  • Publishing: ‘Casual’ social games. Our first game on Facebook was launched on July 1st: Totally Spies Fashion Agents.  

  • Public targeted: Women and youngsters first!

  • Technical Platform: a  series of mutualized modular tools  (called OUAT Social System, OSS)

  • Marketing:  relying on mainstream brands and on powerful  'viralization’ mechanisms  integrated into our games

Our Business Model?

We focus on a double business model for most of our games:

  • Brand and product placement
  • Iteming (selling objects in the game)

Product placement

Partner brands are included in a natural and logical way inside the game. They can help the player to go further in the game, by becoming his first partners, or giving him bonuses. We are convinced that product placement is the best way for the brands to be present in a game.

OUAT Entertainment is a world pioneer company in this domain. We are indeed the first company to launch a social game with integrated brands: Kompany!


It depends on the following principles:

  • Enlist a high number of  DAU (Daily Active Users)

  • Turn 2% to 5% of these players into clients (paying users)

  • ARPPU (Average Revenue Per Paying User) of $/€10 to $/€15 per month, ie, an average of $/€2 to $/€3 per year per DAU

During the six coming months, we intend to launch our games in a navigator integrated version, and we are considering creating mobile applications adapted from our Facebook games (Androïd, iPhone, iPad versions).

Something Special?


Innovation is at the heart of OUAT's DNA. Since our creation in 1999, we have always been forerunners in the casual gaming market.

In our current projects, we are innovating in:

  • The production of the first Facebook game based on a TV series: Totally Spies! (an animated series of Marathon Media), present in 2010 in 120 countries worldwide (French TV series with the highest broadcast in the world!) and with 500,000 fans on the website totallyspies.com. We also dealt a co-publishing partnership with TF1 for French release.

  • The production of the first Facebook game portal based on UGG –User Generated Games. iloveyourgame (own IP+Facebook). This application offers games created by computer graphic artists with our tools. The computer graphic artists are the first to ‘viralize’ their games and become the most active promoters of the application!

  • We are the first to produce a business management game on Facebook: Kompany!, which targets a large audience between 15-35 years old, willing to create their own virtual company. This game is co-produced with French Ministry of Education and sponsored by prestigious French companies like EDF, Crédit Agricole, Manpower, Mazda, Microsoft, EBP, etc. These companies play their roles in the game as in real life.

Respect and profitability

Respecting our consumers, our partners and the licenses from which we create our games is close to our hearts. Still, this does not keep us from seeking for the maximization of our profitability, but without sacrificing the quality of our games or our relation with our partners.

The Team

The Managing Team 

Our managing team is made with experienced people from the entertainment world and is cemented by their passion for social games.

  • Frédérique Doumic, the unifying CEO: Frédérique co-founded OUAT Entertainment with Sébastien Doumic in 1999. She started her career as an auditor at Arthur Andersen, then was in charge of youth programs at France 3, and then became Director of the multimedia department of France Télévision. She is a graduate of EDHEC Business School.     
  • Sébastien Doumic, the vision: Sébastien is the Senior Vice-President of OUAT. He spent a good part of his career in communication outside media and multimedia and was then a consultant pioneer of the Web applications. He is fascinated by innovation and canned food…

  • Fabrice Passaquay, the tranquil force 3.0: Fabrice joined OUAT in June, 2009 to participate in the online adventure. Fabrice is the online Vice President of Distribution and Chief Technical Officer, a job for which he is qualified after having occupied various managerial positions at Framfab, Cap Gemini, Ernst and Young, Boonty, Cafe.com and F4. He is a graduate of EPITA engineering school. 

Project teams

They are ‘project owners’, game designers, artists, community managers, animators, html, flash and C++ programmers. They are 20, mainly located in our Angoulême studio. They are talented and have worked with us for years. They are motivated and love working together!